Call me "Tear-ah" or "Tar-ah"

Hello there! My name is Tarah and I am super psyched to say that I am the newest intern here at Alphabet Arm. I am a somewhat recent graduate from Mass College of Art, where I studied Illustration. Illustration is awesome, but in my senior year I realized that what I really wanted to do was pursue a career in design. Luckily the guys here at Alphabet Arm were willing to take me on, which I will forever appreciate. Since I’ve been here I’ve already been working on a logo project, business cards and a bunch of other awesome stuff. Thanks to Aaron, Ryan, Nathan and Matt, I’ve already learned a ton of key commands, how to not be terrified of InDesign and what South End sandwich places will most tempt my vegetarianism (I’m looking at you Formaggio).
I’m currently living in Auburn, New Hampshire where I work as a freelance Illustrator/ substitute teacher. When I’m not illustrating or designing you can probably find me drinking coffee, reading Game of Thrones, or talking about how awesome dogs and cats are. Feel free to check out my work at, or say hi at
[editor’s note: Tarah (actually pronounced “Tear-ah” allowed us to all call her “Tar-ah” (rhymes with Sarah) for an entire week before we realized we were mispronouncing her name.]