Mona Out!

Eeeeem… (I say that a lot, and have been teased endlessly), bye bye time for me. I don’t feel quite ready to leave.
Just had déjà vu about writing this entry, I guess it means it’s meant to happen. It’s been awful here (not really). The guys are great, I was happy to walk into Alphabet Arm everyday and see what the day had in store for me. I want to say that I’ve never met nicer, and more talented people than this team. Mr. Tofurky you’re the man! Ryan, Ira and Chris, thank you guys for everything. You taught me more than I’ve learned in my last 4 years of college. I’m going to miss you guys a lot! I wonder if you’ll miss my Spanish accent? Time for me to go and look for some jobs and keep doing what I love to do.
I’m a dream machine! Hakuna matata. Mona