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To Dye For!

Happy 2010 people! To continue the tradition of giving back we’re going to give away a very exclusive Alphabet Arm x Jakprints all-over print shirt. Our friends at Jakprints asked us to design a fun, dually-branded shirt to test out their dye-sublimation process. There are only about a half dozen of these in existence! This one has been hanging in our merch closet since we got back from the Monolith Festival and we’d much rather have it be loved in a good home. In order to get this custom, one-of-a-kind shirt (which is a men’s medium, American Apparel shirt, BTW) send us a picture of an Alphabet Arm sticker. We’ll pick the best photo and send the winner their glorious bounty.
Note: you can either post a link to the photo as a comment or email them to info at

Previous Contest winners, as well as employees of the Province of Waterbury, Two Tree Beatins Ltd, Limpy Justice League of America, movies with subtitles set in Papyrus, representatives of Dr. Dolittle, Hard Sauce Co. and their respective affiliates and members of the immediate families of any employees of those organizations are not eligible to enter or win the Contest. This Contest is void where prohibited by law. Former interns: fahhhgetaboutit.


At Alphabet Arm, we dig sweet, illustration-heavy design, we also dig music…oh, and we dig t-shirts too. With Summer at our doorstep, we decided it was the proper time to unveil this shirt and add it to our store. This design was unabashedly inspired by the Jamaican sound systems made popular in the 50’s + 60’s and was expertly illustrated by Alphabet Arm alum Ira F. Cummings. Heck, you can even win one if you act quickly and head over to our facebook page! No pressure, no problem man.

tune in, turn on and win this

It’s pretty obvious that we here at Alphabet Arm love music, and that’s why our latest shirt “Stereo Schematic“, is an homage to the equipment that brings the celebrated sounds to our ears. To share our enthusiasm for the recording process itself, and to make sure you are looking fresh this Fall, we are giving away a shirt to the first person to answers the following questions correctly. That’s right – it’s a three-parter:
A. How may Flux Capacitors are pictured?
B. What is the typeface used in this design? (HINT: it’s our studio standard)
C. How many speakers are included in the schematic?