The Blog is Back in Town!

Hello there friends, after a few years off (and the site being hacked by some ding dong located in an army base in Texas), The Bloggery is back for your entertainment, information, eye candy, and enjoyment.

Let’s begin with a little context first, after running the formal design studio for 15 years (featuring a bevy of talented designers, illustrators, typographical ninjas, bad-ass interns, and all around good folks), I accepted a full time position (Creative Design Manager : Brand + Visual) at New Balance in 2016. I plan to share a number of visual identities, branding systems, re-brands, and sweet, sweet New Balance work here as well as many new Alphabet Arm projects.

Stay tuned, welcome back, and crank up some Think Lizzy.

Weighing in on the ‘Grams

Marketing your service, product or business has changed forever. It is remarkable how differently (and successfully) savvy companies use social media to promote their brand. The power of platforms like Instagram to use imagery and video content to create awareness and engage with new consumers is by far my preferred medium.
Its always inspiring to see companies I brand pop up in my feed, here are a select few doing it right:

Altatude Beverage Company
Eatable Popcorn
Perfect Fuel
Loco Coffee

P.S. you can always find me at @alphabetarm