Signing out

Well, my time here as summer intern is finally up, and thank goodness for that. It’s been terrible.
I came here because I quite enjoy the therapeutic acts of filing papers, scanning stuff, taking phone calls, getting coffee, and reformatting images for the web, but I I’ve had almost zero of that.  It’s like they’ve been giving me the tasks of a fifth employee, but with the zero-accountability of an innocent naive intern in case I screw up–How dare they assume I enjoy things that are the best of both worlds?
I quickly realized the hell I had gotten myself into, but it was too late. It’s been one agonizing day after another of new experiences, working on too many projects to count for a sickeningly eclectic mix of clients, breaking out into random toy ball throwing wars inside the office, then throwing the effing football around outside in the afternoons, and a whole bunch of making friends for life and bonding and all that poppycock. That might be the worst part: knowing I’m going to be in contact with these fun and talented jerks for years to come. It’s just too much.
And they won’t leave me alone either. What’s with all the personal attention and teaching and helping? I didn’t ask for all this new knowledge. I’ve learned more about graphic design this summer than I did during my entire four years in college. I can’t handle such a productive pace. The only thing that’s gotten me through these final grueling weeks have been the warm prospect of getting back to having no job at all. All of the non-stop laughter and friendship is exhausting.
Oh yeah, and thanks a lot ABC for screwing up my portfolio. Now I have to go back in and replace all those student projects with all this real work for interesting clients. Here’s a bunch of bull**** logos I did during my stint here:
I’m sweating with frustration, so I gotta sign off for good now and drag myself over to the round table to have another long leisurely group lunch where I have to constantly worry about carefully timing my sips between the barrage of jokes and fun. No man should have to eat in fear like that.
Freedom from this place is only a few hours away, but I’ll never be able to forget this experience.
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