Intern Logo 001: Project T.E.A.C.H.

Right out of the gates in my first days here I began work on logos for a couple of different clients.  It was exciting to jump into real work, and it was immediately clear that my role as an intern here wouldn’t be that of an office servant.

The logo I’m sharing today is for Project T.E.A.C.H. (Teen Education About Careers in Health), a comprehensive summer program for 10th graders at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, which includes paid summer employment, seminars, math and science courses, and opportunities to shadow health care professionals in the emergency department, operating room, and on patient rounds.  Sounds pretty sweet to me.

In the first round of sketches, I couldn’t get away from the symbol of the medical cross because it just conveyed that side of Project T.E.A.C.H. so quickly and clearly.  Here are a few of the initial sketches:

Project Teach Logo - Sketches

Here are the three refined versions sent off to the client for consideration:

Project Teach Logo - Options

Here is the final logo along with a 1-color alternative mark:

Project Teach Logo - Final

Everyone seemed happy going with the less conservative of the three options, the one I affectionately call TeachBob SquareBulb.  Or maybe it was LearnBulb SquareTeach.  Something like that.