Corin Ashley

CD Packaging

New Lion Terrace

Corin Ashley’s full length album, New Lion Terraces, features bouncing bass lines, soulful vocals, lush production and inspiration from “across-the-pond” (and you should know your onions – he recorded much of it at Abbey Road!). After exploring a wide variety of designs, illustration styles and photo manipulations, we landed on the simplest solution: draw a lion. Duh. Making use of a bright color palette, hoards of custom typography and a psychedelic-yet-refined visual style, we were able to achieve a vibe that was 1/2 throwback and 1/2 contemporary. The 12″ vinyl artwork looks just as lovely, and at 180 grams, it really roars.


Working with the team at Alphabet Arm is a pleasure. They are great at working with unreasonable deadlines imposed by unorganized clients like myself. In fact, the only difficulty was that they presented a boatload of strong options and it was near impossible to determine which great looking design to use for my record.

Corin Ashley