Creative Strategy
Logo Design

Heart, a creative and strategy consultancy, enlisted our services to design a logo mark and their business cards.

They’re a small agency with big ideas and bold campaigns — our ideal partnership in the agency world. We’re more than enthusiastic to be partnering with these fine people to create to some truly innovative brands. Our goal was to create a mark for them that would strike the balance of current, yet inherently timeless. It was important to Heart to have a logo that stood out amongst the (often times) subtle logotypes of the their agency contemporaries. The business cards are letterpressed and edge printed to inspire that “Yeah, we’re creatives” introduction.


It's always tricky as a creative shop, working with another creative shop on your identity. We knew we needed someone who spoke our language, who thought how we thought, and who was able to help translate our energy and our personalities into graphics and type. Aaron and the Alphabet Arm team nailed it on the first round. They perfectly balanced the simple and complex components that need to work together in any great mark, and delivered an awesome identity that really represented us perfectly.

Andrew Teman
Co-founder, Heart