The Butcherie

Kosher Supermarket & Butcher Shop
Visual Identity & Branding

For 40 years, The Butcherie has been a neighborhood staple in Brookline, Massachusetts. A Kosher culinary institution featuring traditional specialties, prepared foods, Jewish wines, grocery shopping and full catering services. While the family business was going strong, the branding was in need of a visual overhaul. Beginning with the logo, Alphabet Arm revamped The Butcherie’s visual identity – with the primary goal of modernizing their brand to speak to a slightly younger generation – while not alienating their long-standing customer base. Once the flexible logo system was solidified, Alphabet Arm addressed new exterior signage, branded office materials, advertising templates, product packaging, catering menus, branded butcher paper, staff uniforms and a swanky new neon sign for the deli. Now get your knish on!