Fly Over The City

Courier Service
Logo & Brand Design

Fly Over The City is a collection of veteran bike messengers, drivers and dispatchers here in Boston and NYC.

Alphabet Arm was commissioned to rebrand Fly Over The City, a courier service established in 2000. One of our main challenges was to create a mark that reflected FOTC’s use of both bikes and cars in their courier services. The final logo solution speaks to both modes of transportation by incorporating a bike crank and a car tire as well as a quite handsome looking blue bird.


I have found working with Alphabet Arm to be completely satisfying. They have surprised me with extremely creative designs and faster than expected turn-around. They seemed to know what I wanted based only on my vague ideas. Their process makes me feel like they are working directly for me as one of my team.

Gregory Letarte
Founder, Fly Over the City