Cable Car Cinema & Cafe

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Logo & Brand Design

Cable Car Cinema & Cafe is the type of place that just inspires, with its rich history and dedication to obscure but quality films.

We worked with the cinema’s new owners on a re-brand, starting from square one. Throughout the process of meeting with the client, it became clear that the history of the theater was important, and we really like the iconography of the old cable cars that made Providence unique. We couldn’t be happier with the final logo, which is a seamless integration of old and new.


Alphabet Arm was hired to design a logo for our independent cinema in Providence, Rhode Island. The theater opened in 1976 and is considered a local institution. It is deeply embedded into the cultural fabric of the city. Alphabet Arm's design challenge was two-fold: how do you retain the spirit of the place while also making an identity new? They succeeded by creating a logo that subtly speaks to the past by using a unique and specific color palette and an evocative form. Hire these guys immediately. They know what they are doing!

Daniel Kamil
Owner, Cable Car Cinema & Cafe