Xander & Cole

Food Truck
Logo & Brand Design

Super foods on the move. Xander & Cole is a vegan, gluten free food truck bound for Boston.

In our world of fast-paced this and fast-paced that, Xander & Cole believes that you shouldn’t compromise in quality and taste. That’s why they’re into providing good food, really fast. Xander & Cole is invested in sourcing ingredients that are organic and local. While the truck itself is currently in production, we're so excited about the brand, we wanted to share it now. For an extensive look at our design process for Xander & Cole (including an entire alphabet of hand carved potato stamps, yes potato stamps) go to our Creative Process page.


Like the caped crusaders of the creative world, Aaron and Ryan of Alphabet Arm continually surprise me with their approach and solutions to creative problems. They are both diligent workers always with detailed follow up concerning questions or comments, this is the most minor details of why it is they are a gem to work with. The main reasons include: a passion for excellence in their work product, a voracious desire to understand my vision, and a willingness to produce the best result. So far, working with them has been amazing.

Niki Choo,Owner,
Xander & Cole