Kay Hanley

CD Packaging


If you’re from Boston, you know Kay—or at least, the legend that is. She is a supremely talented songwriter / singer / guitarist. And this record kills it, not to mention she’s a super-loyal client and very fun to work with. We created the illustration as a literal paradox—a universal symbol of peace (the dove) comprised of weaponry.

Cherry Marmalade

Cherry Marmalade was Kay’s full solo release after Letters to Cleo, so we were very pleased to continue working with her. We have such respect for Kay as a songwriter & singer, in turn, Kay seems to have quite a bit of faith in us. Her direction for this record was to “just make me look cool.” Kay was concerned about some of the selected shots from the photo shoot because they looked too glam and high fashion. We were able to offset that by the art direction, shifting emphases from glamorous images to more of an unexpected, integrated graphic treatment. While working on the packaging, we designed a logo for Kay that has been used ever since.