Perfect Fuel Chocolate

Ginseng Infused Chocolate
Packaging & Brand Design

Perfect Fuel Chocolate is the convergence of organic dark chocolate and ginseng. It’s the perfect snack for whenever you need natural endurance with the antioxidants and delicious taste of chocolate.

The intention was to create a visual language for the brand that was clearly inspired by both the rustic and artisanal qualities of raw cacao and the energy of ginseng. In essence, the design solution needed to balance these two contrasting sensibilities. The unique typography created for the logo has a rough and imperfect texture, but also conveys speed and direction. The vivid color palette contrasts the dark, chocolaty brown to give a strong presence amongst competitors on store shelves. Finally, a distressed zigzag pattern (based on the tread of a sneaker) helped to reinforce the concept of a snack for athletes.