Ancient Bakers

Specialty Baked Goods
Packaging & Brand Design

The Ancient Bakers is a specialty baking company that focuses on ancient grains and medicinal plants as ingredients for cakes, cookies, muffins, breads, brownies and even bagels.

The company enlisted Alphabet Arm to embark on a logo design and packaging. Our creative process started with the name. Initially the company was called Vision’s Sown, an Ancient Baking Company. We suggested pairing the lengthy name down to its essence: The Ancient Bakers. Creating a brand for The Ancient Bakers meant exploring type and imagery that expressed the tradition, sustainability and pureness of ancient baking practices. The stalk of wheat has remained the heart of natural baking techniques since the dawn of time. This — along with the addition of a nutrient-rich rose hip illustration and a traditional serif typeface — tells The Ancient Bakers’ story: that the best, most wholesome ingredients will always withstand the test of time.