Baby Childproofing Line
Packaging & Brand Design

Childproofing product that are always smart and stylish.

Rhoost has distinguished themselves as trailblazers in the childproofing industry by using sustainable materials and designing products that parents aren’t embarrassed to use in their home. Beyond creating all aspects of  Rhoost's branding, Alphabet Arm has worked on a number of evolutions of their retail packaging. 


We first hired Alphabet Arm in 2009 when we started our company to create our brand identity. Since then, the team has had their hands deep our marketing collateral, trade show booth signage, website, and product packaging. Our brand is positioned as a premium product in our space so our branding is critical and we have gotten accolades from the very beginning not only our identity but also on the expansion of our brand identity into our collateral and packaging. Alphabet Arm has also been responsive to tight deadlines without compromising on the quality or depth of the work.

Tavinder Phull
Co-Founder, Rhoost