The Gemvara Experience

Custom Jewelry
Print & Retail Store Design

Alphabet Arm had the unique opportunity to work on The Gemvara Experience retail store with one of our key partners, Heart.

Being a successful, online, custom jewelry destination, the Newbury Street location was Gemvara’s initial foray into a brick and mortar storefront. We designed the logo and store branding and worked closely with Heart to develop the concepts – and ultimately – execution of the window displays, wall installations, signage, display cases and general aesthetic of the store. A multitude of partners, vendors, architects, electricians, carpenters, painters, former interns, friends of former interns, were all employed to help us realize the vision. We introduced a cornucopia of mediums and fabrication techniques for the project. As a studio specializing in print design, we embraced the chance to really push ourselves as 3 dimensional, creative problem solvers.