The Wine Bottega

Retail Wine Shop
Logo Design

We created this identity for a swanky, upscale wine shop in Boston’s North End.

Our client wanted an unexpected logo that could stand apart from the formal aesthetic of many wine store competitors. The explorer within the wine bottle has inspired the theme of a wine adventure throughout the marketing materials, tagline and signage.


Everyday at least one customer comments on our logo and it’s always a great conversation opener to tell them how it came about and suddenly I have the platform to describe the heart and soul of The Wine Bottega and develop a strong personal relationship. The creativity of the logo sets us apart from other wine stores and let’s people know from the moment they see it that this is not your typical shop. We have noticed a large increase in foot traffic since we emblazoned the logo across our windows. As we are located in a tourist area, we have always had people stop and peek in the window, but now they are coming inside and making a purchase. The incredible crew at Alphabet Arm, (who are great to work with), took the time to understand what it was that I wanted to achieve and the result is a logo that is the foundation for all of our continued branding efforts. The logo is a touchstone that we can refer to when we need to make sure the message is staying on track while allowing us to have fun and be creative.

Kerri Platt
Owner, The Wine Bottega